I honestly believe our dads are the most underrated people in our lives. Whenever we succeed at something we always go rushing to our mums and declare to the world that we’re here because of the love and support shown by our mothers.

But what about Dad? Why don’t our fathers ever get the credit they deserve? After all, they are also the reason we are who we are today. 

My dad, whom I call by various names  -“Paa”, “Appa”, “Dad”, and “Papa”, is the silent watcher in my life. He is the one who watches me make mistakes and quietly pulls me out of my mess and let’s me believe that I did all the hard work. He makes me understand the value of things in life and yet never says no to any of my desires. His is the arm behind my back making sure I don’t fall every time I stumble. He is the one who smiles at my silliness and worries about every teeny tiny scratch I get. He loves me like his little girl but never forgets to remind me that I’m strong, brave and capable of achieving everything I set my heart on. 

My mother has provided me unconditional love and support but it is my father who gave me the strength to get through life with the courage to never let anyone put me down. So while June 18th (India’s fathers’ day) is a bit far off, I’ll take this day as the opportunity to say Thank you dad for being my real life super hero. I love you.