No matter what age group you belong to, no matter what country you call your home, there’s always a list of “personalities” that’s common to all our friends. The personalities that make you go “Oh I know someone like that too!!” Now just to be clear, I mean it in the most positive way! I am not writing this post to crib about my friends. Just to be clear, because you know, there’s that friend too who takes everything as “Was that about me?!” 

So while I’ve been working, chilling and mostly observing, I’ve also been getting thoughts about my friends, about who has what kind of a pattern of behavior and who does what and why (yes, apparently I have a lot of time). And now that it’s 2AM and it’s clearly the time for normal people to sleep, I am that friend who stays wide awake writing about her own friends (all kinds).

So what kind of friends do I have?

1. The one who’s always right (or so they think)
Yeah, no matter what you say or do, you’ll always be wrong and they’ll always be right. And just in case they do realise that they’re wrong, they’ll end the conversation with “anywaaayyyy”

2. The one who’s always being “pursued”

There aren’t enough people of the opposite sex in the world when it comes to people trying to woo them. Even the guy looks at her by mistake is added to the list of guys who were hitting on her.

3. The one with no time

Be it 10am or 6pm or even 10pm, they just never have time. No-one knows what keeps them so busy but all you ever get to hear about is how “stuffed” their schedule is. However, it is pretty funny how they always have time to crib about not having time.

4. The one with the sob story

These are the friends who always end up screwing things up with you but somehow they’re always ready with a sob story. They annoy you and get on your nerves but in the end, their story, which you know is a big fat lie, makes you forgive them anyway.

5. The one who is all about fashion

You don’t need to check on latest trends because they’re a walking-talking fashion magazine for you. You name it and they’ll be ready with samples and demos for you.

6. The one who’s always hungry but never has money

We all know someone like that! The one who’ll sit with you in the cafeteria and whine about starving but will gorge on your money and will “promise” to pay back. When? We may never know.

7. The super social one

These friends cannot stop club-hopping. You name an event and you can be sure to get a facebook “check-in” from them. They know who’s doing what in life because they’re simply in touch with everyone.

8. The antisocial one

Those who just love their own home and their comfort zones. Meeting people is a pain for them and something that would require great efforts. Their idea of fun is having you over and just chatting.

9. The one who disappears

Yes! There are those friends too who just disappear for months and then return later with either a new found love for themselves or a sob story to explain what went wrong.

10. The mom of the group

The one with the dos and donts list. Because, you can never have too many moms right? This friend takes it as her major responsibility to make sure that all her friends are safe and happy.

The world has too many people with different personalities. But some are just common to all.