It’s September 5th, 2016, today! It’s Teachers’ Day in India! It’s that one day of the year when we shower all our love on our teachers whom we crib and cry about the rest of the days of the year. So this post is dedicated to all those teachers who have made us who we are today.

  • When we’re born we’re handed over to our parents who become the first teachers in our lives. They teach us how to walk, talk, smile, clap, love, appreciate, pray and so much more. They build the blocks on which we base our lives. So cheers to them, happy teachers day mum and dad!
  • Then, we grow up with siblings, elder or younger. We look up to our elder siblings and learn how to be cool, we learn how to be humble and we learn how to love. Younger ones on the other hand teach you how to share, care and be responsible. Siblings teach us how we can fight like cats and dogs and still love someone more than anything in the world. So cheers to them, happy teachers day Di!
  • We all adore our grandparents, don’t we? They’re the cutest people you’ll ever meet who are ready to pamper you and spoil you crazy. But they also teach you the importance of family and unity. They teach you how to respect elders and their experiences in life are always great stories with crucial life lessons. So cheers to them, happy teachers day Babaji, Dadi, Nani & Daddy!
  • Oh the love for cousins! Your friends in your family who are your partners in crime for all the crazy deeds you do! But they teach you so much about living together and respecting one another. They are the ones who teach you what it’s like to be a part of a gang even before you could actually spell “gang”. So cheers to them, happy teachers day dear cousins!
  • Friends are forever and always they say! But they never say that they are amazing teachers too! Your friends with different personalities, likes, dislikes, beliefs teach you what it’s like to have differences and still respect one another. Their determination and ambition in life teaches you to work hard and achieve the highest levels of success for yourself. They are your family who teach you the purest form of love. So happy teachers dear friends!
  • Teachers, well, the name is very clear isn’t it? They help you reach where you want to be in life, and for those of us with no clue, they help us identify our talents and work towards perfecting them. They make your school life the best ever phase of your life. I can say this with confidence because I did have amazing teachers and even today I love them and respect them dearly. Happy teachers day dear teachers!
  • Well, the newest members of the family, who for me is my sister’s husband. Who taught me that it’s okay to let new people into your life. He taught me that new family members mean one more person to adore you and care for you and a new bff for you. He taught me that my sister can be more loved than she already was. So thank you, and happy teachers day to you too bro!😉
  • Good phases are great teachers too. They teach you to appreciate and count your blessings. They teach you to be thankful and humble. They teach you to smile and be jolly. Happy teachers day good phases!
  • Bad phases are excellent teachers. They are the ones we hate the most but who end up teaching the best lessons of life. They teach you to be brave, determined and hopeful. They teach you to look at the brighter side and force yourself to get better. They teach you something every second without us even realising. So happy teachers day to you too bad phases. 
  • How could I not mention books? Aren’t they your best friends and best teachers? Every page of every story speaks to us in ways we could never imagine. Love, faith, bravery, relations, fun, unity, every story has something to teach us. So happy teachers day to the books too!

We have so many such teachers in our lives that it’s in a way impossible to list them all down. But the point is that life is filled with teachers and thus it’s the best school to ever be in. It’s that one school where all of us get admission irrespective of our gender, caste, race, religion or economic backgrounds. It’s that one place where we all learn valuable lessons like equals. So happy teachers day life.