There’s always something or the other that stops us from living life to the fullest. There’s always a threat, a lingering fear at the back of the mind saying “What if?” Most of the doubt and fear comes from the feeling that makes you realise that things aren’t perfect. Be it your relationship, your career, or even someone’s life. You always have a fear of failing, of parting ways or of losing someone you love.

Then comes a moment when your fears turn into reality. You break up, you get divorced, you get fired or someone dies. It breaks your heart and makes your life a nightmare. You feel lost and helpless with no light to guide you ahead. You might have your friends and families picking up your broken pieces, trying to patch them up into the best version of you. But you give up and see no hope.

What most of us fail to realise is that our lives are a combination of moments. Good, bad, ugly, or glorifying moments. But the thing about moments is that they don’t last. They come into our lives to bring about a change, do their thing and pass. Moments pass. They don’t stick around to make things worse or to see their consequences. 

So when you know that a moment has passed, why dwell over it and make the next one worse? Why not tell yourself to get a grip and get moving? I know it’s easier said than done. But now that I think of it, it’s not impossible either.