Every relationship has its own advantage. I don’t think any relationship has a disadvantage unless it’s a toxic relationship which kills your desire to just be. (Those are bad! Snap out of it and live your life no matter how tempting they may be)

Now, you either grow up as a single child or you grow up with siblings. I grew up with an elder sister. And it’s her birthday today (I know you’ll read this Di, so happy Birthday from my WordPress account too!). We have an age gap of five years and it would be silly not to mention that I was ALWAYS the brat. 

I think she was just 6 or 7 when she got used to being my guardian, and then growing up in the same school too made it even more obvious for me to rush to her the moment someone bullied me. I remember always coming home and crying about X, Y or Z troubling me and then my parents telling my sister to take care of it the next day (which meant meet the teacher of course!). So she always knew my troubles. And she was always there no matter how annoying I was. 

The weird thing was that being the younger one, I never really showed much interest in her life because I was always too engrossed in my own teenaged-girl troubles at school. I honestly don’t even remember when she got admission in the university, when she had her exams and when she passed out with her B.Comm degree. Weird isn’t it?

So yeah, that’s how we grew up. Then came the realization. When she went away to another city for post grad. And, I was lost like a puppy, on a foreign land, with no friendly face around. But then you get on with your life and so I did and she did too. 

Now, she’s married. From not missing each others’ birthday at all to seeing each other only for an hour on birthday, things have changed. But what still remains the same is that I am still the brat and she’s still the loving Big Sister. And may be even when I’m 80 and she’s 85 (which I always like to remind her) I will still get equally annoyed about her singing wrong lyrics. I will still throw my hands up and say I am not doing anything if you’re not coming with me. I will still fight about the AC being too cold. I will still be me and she will still be my Di. 

So happy birthday Mrs Sharma. Your Jhandu is here to stay. I love you “to the moon and back”