Are you socially acceptable? Yes? What makes you think so? Who decides who is and who isn’t socially acceptable? Oh this tag, I hate it! SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE!

When you do things that are right by the society, things which the “wise” think are “acceptable”, that’s when you become socially acceptable. So you! With the low cut top and the low waist jeans, and you! With no job, hanging out with your “good for nothing” buddies, you are socially unacceptable. I’m sorry but you are. Because in our society only the ones dressed for work are acceptable. People with dreams are not. People with year-gaps are not. People with flaws are not.

So if you wish to wait it out and see what your interests are rather than slogging your arses in 9-5 suited jobs or if you choose to wear what you want to wear please don’t expect to be a part of the accepted group. And don’t let it frustrate you either. Instead, embrace it and cherish it. Be yourself. Because the “wise” generation is not going to define your happiness. They are not going to make sure you go to bed with a content heart. They are only hear to look and judge. Of course some of them might even talk sense. But they will be the ones going the distance with you standing by your side guiding you through every phase. Not the ones who’ll stop by the road and give you looks and walk off.

So yeah. You’re not socially acceptable. But you’re acceptable to your self. Do things that your heart desires. Be rational and look out for yourself because no one knows your reality better than you. Think about your happy future and work your way towards it. Don’t give up, don’t look back and definitely don’t stop for the looks.

Let your mirror be your reality. Let that reality lead you to a better life where you’re happy being you