I honestly quite enjoy this latest feature of Facebook that shows me my memories from the previous years. It is more of an eye-opening feature that makes you realise how stupid and dumb you were to post your feelings as statuses on social media. It reminds you of those lame fights that you had with your buddies and put up a status attacking them indirectly by writing “Oh gosh! Some people are so unbearable!” Honestly, I do feel embarrassed when Facebook shows me those!

But what it also does is show me the great moments. The pictures of happier times which I then chose to post on the site (no matter how much my parents told me not to!) The huge ‘albums’ of get-togethers with friends and family, of quotes and “who is what- tag your friends” images! It reminds you of those days when you were a rebellious teenager who chose to make their life public against their parents wishes! What a rush, right?

So as I woke up today I got the same notification from Facebook saying “Hi Mansi, see your memories here.” And like the hopeless lover of past that I am, I did. I found a couple of statuses declaring my love for Dominos (which still stands true by the way!) and some declaring my love for my sister (this is also stands true, no matter how much we fight) and then there was one about the moment I actually grew up – the day I left for my trip to Australia. How did that make me grow up, you ask? Well I was always someone living in the shell. Being picked up and dropped from and to everywhere I went. And getting on a plane? I’d only done that twice or thrice before that too under the umbrella of my parents’ support. But then, five years ago, on this day, June 10, 2011, I travelled to a foreign land, all by myself (because my parents were already there). This isn’t a story about how my journey was because it was quite boring to be honest! I spent some 7 hours quietly staring at the map on the screen. This is a post only to remind myself and to tell you all too, that you can be brave and do things you once thought you never could. All it takes is a single step. So thank you facebook for reminding me of the day I took that step.