You’re sitting in a group, one person says something, you say another thing and at the end you realize you’re all poking fun at one person. Nothing harmless, you say. We’re buddies so it’s okay, you say. But is it really? It’s okay for you, but what about the one who’s just smiling away secretly hoping that you’d all just stop.

Timing is one thing that we rarely think about. “Live in the moment,” but only when the situation affects you alone. Your jokes and poking fun at one person alone at a time when he’s already feeling vulnerable may end up being a reason for his sorrows.

Timing isn’t only important while poking fun, but it is often the basis of all being. You do a good deed during a sad phase and you may end up bringing joy to someone’s life. Similarly you do a bad thing during a good phase, you’ll end up ruining the happiest moment of someone’s life.

I know it all sounds very haphazard but may be its just the timing. Attempting to write something good when your mind is clouded with a zillion thoughts doesn’t really bring out positive results, does it? So yeah, keep the timing in mind. There’s always a good time and bad time.