Do one good deed today

Make someone smile, make their day
Do one good deed today
Be your best, offer someone rest
But do one good deed today
Smile a little more, cry a little less
Just one good deed today
Bless a child, make someone’s life
But do ONE good deed today

It’s not really a poem, it’s just a thought. It’s one simple action of mine that led me to realize that one good deed, no matter how big or small, can light up someone’s day. It was just another horrifying hot day in Delhi when even people could’ve melted due to the heat. 45-46℃ must have been the temperature and I was visiting the post office with my dad. It was then that I heard the lady at the counter ask another man about when the guy will come with water. You see, she was sitting at the post office, under the slowest fan you could possibly imagine, with not a single drop of water to drink.

Well, I am someone who never steps out of the house without my water bottle, yes, even in Winters. So I offered her some water from my bottle and she looked a little apprehensive. I wouldn’t blame her. We live in a world where trust issues are increasing as people from the same family betray each other without thinking twice. But then she ducked down and picked up her cup and asked me to fill it up. The amount of blessings I received that day for that one cup of water is something that I had not expected. She have said “God bless you and always stay happy” at least a dozen times! Only for one cup of water.
So do one good deed today?