This is a poem written by someone known to me for her mother. I truly fell in love with it the moment I read it. Posting it here for everyone to read and appreciate the beautiful sentiments of a daughter for her mother.


You slipped into eternal glory

Without saying a word to me

It is hard to believe that you are not there

As every dawn I looked for you

In every gentle breeze I thought you passed by.


Every dew drop reminded me of your pure love


Every twilight I smelled your fragrance, and,

I believe that the soft night star is like your gentle smile,


Ma do you know

I miss you in my hustle bustle

I miss you in my simple meals

I miss you in my evening prayers

I missed you on Christmas eve.


It was too hard for me to let you go

But heaven could no longer wait for you

As I sighed and cried

Calm assurance embraced me and 

Gave me the solace and comfort saying 

You are in a better place, safe in his ever lasting arms.


Love you and miss you Ma, this is to remember you ever since you left us two years ago.

– Esther Bhandaru