Is it ever too late start afresh? What if you end up doing the same thing for over 4o years and then one day realize that it doesn’t really make you happy? Most people live with this fear of being acceptable to the society. They think if you’re not a banker or a doctor or a lawyer, the people around you may look down upon you. And thus, begins the endless battle of doing what you never really liked.

Well, I’m only 23 (okay almost 24!). and im already facing these issues. My friends are lawyers, bankers, MBA and company secretaries. And I? Well I’m a news curator in a work from home job while managing 3 of my blog sites and a content writing job for a bridal website. Yeah I agree that’s a lot. But I do keep getting asked if this is the life that I’m choosing to live forever. Well, who knows! I know that I want it for now. Isn’t that what really matters? What I want for now? Or am I too supposed to be a part of the rat race trying to reach where I actually don’t want to be?

All I know is that im happy being a writer. I use my thoughts, my views and opinions and do what I love doing the most. Don’t they say that you’re the best judge of your own happiness? Why is it that most people forget that and start judging themselves by what others think?

Think about it. And if you too are unwillingly a part of the rat race, I think its time for you to stop, take a breath and think if it’s really worth it. If it is the sure go ahead, if not then you know what you must do.