sounds of a quiet mind

I was more relieved  than glad, I had made it through the almost-normally-crazy day at work and stepped out early enough to be home for dinner. Not in the best of moods, I was flipping the channels of radio getting irritated with the quantum of ads one has to hear when all one needs is uninterrupted music.

I applied the brakes of my car with sudden force, more out of instinct than consciousness, the sound my car made as it came to a screeching halt, made me aware of its age and I quickly apologized to my ol’ girl.

Out of nowhere, A daring gentleman decided to run and cross the road just when the traffic lights turned green. What the poor fellow must not have anticipated was that all us bored-almost-dead-looking office-goers were capable of producing the most quick response to colour ‘Green’; mostly to avoid the honking to a nano-second worth delay and…

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