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12 Months

It’s been more than a year since I last wrote something – from the heart. A lot has changed in the last one year – something’s have been lost while some I’ve gained (I don’t mean my weight here).

But as I look back at the year that’s gone, it makes me wonder of what’s to come. I’ve grown over these last 12 months in ways that were once impossible for me to even think about. An impulsive decision made out of pure anger in the moment, led me to my month-long trip that opened my eyes wide to the possibilities of my world. The girl, who was not-so-long-ago, afraid of the loneliness on long, unwinding highways filled with villages, traveled in the remotest parts of Northern Territory of Australia for 15 days! How crazy is that? The girl with the constant need to keep everyone happy by being “present”, caused some people to be very unhappy, and yet, realised that people survive; and so do you.

The last 12+ months have been an eye-opener – for hope, love, loss, expectations, and betrayals. I’ve realized the importance and power of 12 months even against the 324 months that I’ve been on this earth. I’ve met more new faces and lost some old ones. I’ve learnt some important things about my field at work, but I’ve learnt so much more about what matters the most to me – people. And here’s something I’ve learnt that I wish I’d recognized sooner –

At every point in your life, you’ll have people who are going through their own lives with their own baggage. They’ll be smiling from ear to ear on the outside, trying to cope with the changes their life is presenting them with (at times even smashing in their faces). It’s not just your life alone that changes over the years – accept that, for a life of humility and humanity. The world needs that today. Introspect on each year that passes, to work on making the next one better. You owe it to the world. You owe it to yourself – for the life that’s yet to come.

Changes & Fear

Are you scared of changes? I know I am! Mighty scared to say the least. What if I don’t like it? What if this change is jinxed (yikes!)? What if… What if… Oh I can’t think of any more what ifs but I know one thing for sure, when the times of changing tides arrive, I’ll be full of those massive question marks.

But is it really so wrong to be apprehensive? To be cautious? I think not. No matter what the new generation of #MotivationalSpeakers say about ditching the fear, I certainly believe that it is that very fear that keeps you going. It is that fear that pushes you on a step ahead while you try to stumble back. The fear makes sure that even if you’re falling, it is one thats towards the front. Because if you fall, you see what caused the fall, get up, dust yourself, and get going again.

I’m not saying that I love fear. But I do have a fear of being fearless because then I’d have nothing to push me ahead, nothing to lose, and nothing to hold on to.

How wrong am I?

#1 Wednesday Wisdom — Motivate my mondays

Source Whenever life pushes you down, picking yourself back up is always a big struggle. We end up cribbing and crying and saying the world is against us. But the fact is that LIFE GOES ON. We may whine about the situation for some time or even a few days, but there comes a time […]

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I honestly believe our dads are the most underrated people in our lives. Whenever we succeed at something we always go rushing to our mums and declare to the world that we’re here because of the love and support shown by our mothers.

But what about Dad? Why don’t our fathers ever get the credit they deserve? After all, they are also the reason we are who we are today. 

My dad, whom I call by various names  -“Paa”, “Appa”, “Dad”, and “Papa”, is the silent watcher in my life. He is the one who watches me make mistakes and quietly pulls me out of my mess and let’s me believe that I did all the hard work. He makes me understand the value of things in life and yet never says no to any of my desires. His is the arm behind my back making sure I don’t fall every time I stumble. He is the one who smiles at my silliness and worries about every teeny tiny scratch I get. He loves me like his little girl but never forgets to remind me that I’m strong, brave and capable of achieving everything I set my heart on. 

My mother has provided me unconditional love and support but it is my father who gave me the strength to get through life with the courage to never let anyone put me down. So while June 18th (India’s fathers’ day) is a bit far off, I’ll take this day as the opportunity to say Thank you dad for being my real life super hero. I love you.


There’s always a thought, a fear, when you’re stepping out into something new. You’re not sure of what you’ll meet out there and just the feeling of uncertainty makes you tremble. You start sweating and feel that chill run down your spine, that fuzziness of thoughts and that fear that you might barf!

But then, you hold yourself together. Tell your mind to simply shut up! And take the leap. That sweat on your forehead? It is no longer ‘chilly’; it is that cool comfort you get when you stand in front of the AC after a long run knowing that you’ve achieved something. That trembling you experienced before that made your knees go weak vanishes the moment you get a grip of your wandering mind.

It’s a whole new feeling – one you should force yourself to experience whenever you feel like you cannot do something.


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Roasted Odd Minds – #ROM

That One Friend

No matter what age group you belong to, no matter what country you call your home, there’s always a list of “personalities” that’s common to all our friends. The personalities that make you go “Oh I know someone like that too!!” Now just to be clear, I mean it in the most positive way! I am not writing this post to crib about my friends. Just to be clear, because you know, there’s that friend too who takes everything as “Was that about me?!” 

So while I’ve been working, chilling and mostly observing, I’ve also been getting thoughts about my friends, about who has what kind of a pattern of behavior and who does what and why (yes, apparently I have a lot of time). And now that it’s 2AM and it’s clearly the time for normal people to sleep, I am that friend who stays wide awake writing about her own friends (all kinds).

So what kind of friends do I have?

1. The one who’s always right (or so they think)
Yeah, no matter what you say or do, you’ll always be wrong and they’ll always be right. And just in case they do realise that they’re wrong, they’ll end the conversation with “anywaaayyyy”

2. The one who’s always being “pursued”

There aren’t enough people of the opposite sex in the world when it comes to people trying to woo them. Even the guy looks at her by mistake is added to the list of guys who were hitting on her.

3. The one with no time

Be it 10am or 6pm or even 10pm, they just never have time. No-one knows what keeps them so busy but all you ever get to hear about is how “stuffed” their schedule is. However, it is pretty funny how they always have time to crib about not having time.

4. The one with the sob story

These are the friends who always end up screwing things up with you but somehow they’re always ready with a sob story. They annoy you and get on your nerves but in the end, their story, which you know is a big fat lie, makes you forgive them anyway.

5. The one who is all about fashion

You don’t need to check on latest trends because they’re a walking-talking fashion magazine for you. You name it and they’ll be ready with samples and demos for you.

6. The one who’s always hungry but never has money

We all know someone like that! The one who’ll sit with you in the cafeteria and whine about starving but will gorge on your money and will “promise” to pay back. When? We may never know.

7. The super social one

These friends cannot stop club-hopping. You name an event and you can be sure to get a facebook “check-in” from them. They know who’s doing what in life because they’re simply in touch with everyone.

8. The antisocial one

Those who just love their own home and their comfort zones. Meeting people is a pain for them and something that would require great efforts. Their idea of fun is having you over and just chatting.

9. The one who disappears

Yes! There are those friends too who just disappear for months and then return later with either a new found love for themselves or a sob story to explain what went wrong.

10. The mom of the group

The one with the dos and donts list. Because, you can never have too many moms right? This friend takes it as her major responsibility to make sure that all her friends are safe and happy.

The world has too many people with different personalities. But some are just common to all. 

Teachers’ Day!

It’s September 5th, 2016, today! It’s Teachers’ Day in India! It’s that one day of the year when we shower all our love on our teachers whom we crib and cry about the rest of the days of the year. So this post is dedicated to all those teachers who have made us who we are today.

  • When we’re born we’re handed over to our parents who become the first teachers in our lives. They teach us how to walk, talk, smile, clap, love, appreciate, pray and so much more. They build the blocks on which we base our lives. So cheers to them, happy teachers day mum and dad!
  • Then, we grow up with siblings, elder or younger. We look up to our elder siblings and learn how to be cool, we learn how to be humble and we learn how to love. Younger ones on the other hand teach you how to share, care and be responsible. Siblings teach us how we can fight like cats and dogs and still love someone more than anything in the world. So cheers to them, happy teachers day Di!
  • We all adore our grandparents, don’t we? They’re the cutest people you’ll ever meet who are ready to pamper you and spoil you crazy. But they also teach you the importance of family and unity. They teach you how to respect elders and their experiences in life are always great stories with crucial life lessons. So cheers to them, happy teachers day Babaji, Dadi, Nani & Daddy!
  • Oh the love for cousins! Your friends in your family who are your partners in crime for all the crazy deeds you do! But they teach you so much about living together and respecting one another. They are the ones who teach you what it’s like to be a part of a gang even before you could actually spell “gang”. So cheers to them, happy teachers day dear cousins!
  • Friends are forever and always they say! But they never say that they are amazing teachers too! Your friends with different personalities, likes, dislikes, beliefs teach you what it’s like to have differences and still respect one another. Their determination and ambition in life teaches you to work hard and achieve the highest levels of success for yourself. They are your family who teach you the purest form of love. So happy teachers dear friends!
  • Teachers, well, the name is very clear isn’t it? They help you reach where you want to be in life, and for those of us with no clue, they help us identify our talents and work towards perfecting them. They make your school life the best ever phase of your life. I can say this with confidence because I did have amazing teachers and even today I love them and respect them dearly. Happy teachers day dear teachers!
  • Well, the newest members of the family, who for me is my sister’s husband. Who taught me that it’s okay to let new people into your life. He taught me that new family members mean one more person to adore you and care for you and a new bff for you. He taught me that my sister can be more loved than she already was. So thank you, and happy teachers day to you too bro!😉
  • Good phases are great teachers too. They teach you to appreciate and count your blessings. They teach you to be thankful and humble. They teach you to smile and be jolly. Happy teachers day good phases!
  • Bad phases are excellent teachers. They are the ones we hate the most but who end up teaching the best lessons of life. They teach you to be brave, determined and hopeful. They teach you to look at the brighter side and force yourself to get better. They teach you something every second without us even realising. So happy teachers day to you too bad phases. 
  • How could I not mention books? Aren’t they your best friends and best teachers? Every page of every story speaks to us in ways we could never imagine. Love, faith, bravery, relations, fun, unity, every story has something to teach us. So happy teachers day to the books too!

We have so many such teachers in our lives that it’s in a way impossible to list them all down. But the point is that life is filled with teachers and thus it’s the best school to ever be in. It’s that one school where all of us get admission irrespective of our gender, caste, race, religion or economic backgrounds. It’s that one place where we all learn valuable lessons like equals. So happy teachers day life.

The Moment Has Passed

There’s always something or the other that stops us from living life to the fullest. There’s always a threat, a lingering fear at the back of the mind saying “What if?” Most of the doubt and fear comes from the feeling that makes you realise that things aren’t perfect. Be it your relationship, your career, or even someone’s life. You always have a fear of failing, of parting ways or of losing someone you love.

Then comes a moment when your fears turn into reality. You break up, you get divorced, you get fired or someone dies. It breaks your heart and makes your life a nightmare. You feel lost and helpless with no light to guide you ahead. You might have your friends and families picking up your broken pieces, trying to patch them up into the best version of you. But you give up and see no hope.

What most of us fail to realise is that our lives are a combination of moments. Good, bad, ugly, or glorifying moments. But the thing about moments is that they don’t last. They come into our lives to bring about a change, do their thing and pass. Moments pass. They don’t stick around to make things worse or to see their consequences. 

So when you know that a moment has passed, why dwell over it and make the next one worse? Why not tell yourself to get a grip and get moving? I know it’s easier said than done. But now that I think of it, it’s not impossible either.

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